Resize and Rename Images

0:03 - Open Adobe Photoshop CC. Please use the latest version of photoshop possible. If you are running an older version of Photoshop, or an unregistered version of Photoshop, the resize script may not run properly, or at all.
0:10 - Go to File > Scripts > Browse and select the file named "cimcloud_psd_bulk_resize.jsx"
0:18 - Select the folder containing all the images you wish to be resized.
0:27 - Select the folder you wish to output the generated folders and resized image files. It can be the same folder as your original image files.
0:35 - The script will run, and may take a while depending on the file size of the images and the quantity of images.
0:43 - When the script is finished running, a pop up will confirm if the script ran successfully, and list any images that produced an error (likely due to a formatting issue on the original image file).
0:53 - 3 new folders are generated in the selected output folder containing the resized and renamed images.

  • Date: 11/5/2019
  • Author: Derek
  • Length: 1:12

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